Cannabis in Our Nations – What Should we do..

Workshops and Conferences Cannabis in Our Nations – What Should we do..

We Know Cannabis is now Recreationally Legal for use in Canada (North Turtle Island), However what does this really mean for our communities?

A lot of Questions. We Would Like The Opportunity to educate you, and your team, in your community.  we aren’t going to charge you 500 dollars a head to explain things in real terms (have a look at cannabis conferences for our first nations and you will see a lot of companies already trying to leverage this industry into a profitable diversification). We will welcome your entire Community for one flat rate (and you cover lunch 🙂 ) .

We will take a day and talk, and educate you as to your options for everything from governance to the best environmental choices involved with commercially growing in a regulated industry (irradiation etc.)

We offer this 1 day Impact! workshop, and we have been in the business of consulting with medical marijuana growers and legislators for over 10 yrs. We are also aware of our traditional values, and our communities issues, and we speak to these the way we should, in easy to understand English (and a little broken Cree) with no huge white papers to read to you and no philosophies or viewpoints that pertain to big city life, and naked profit.


Booking  NOW for November 3rd thru December 1 2018 . Our Special Rate for this workshop is a community engagement (no seat limit) , for $750 (plus travel and possibly accommodation based on scheduled date weather etc.).

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